Student Registration

Things look a little different now, don't they? There are so many fun things going on at TaVaci of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, so we rearranged things a little bit to make it as easy as possible for you to get in on all the TaVaci fun. We are currently either holding waiting-lists or preregistering for three different sections of TaVaci classes. Summer Camp is waitlisted, September classes preregistration begins on July 16th, and we'll be opening up registration for our BRAND NEW Music and Play classes by the beginning of August. Exciting, right!?

From here, you can "pre-preRegister" for our September classes by clicking here, or by choosing the "September Registration" dropdown in the "Student Registration" tab. 

Finally, you can pre-register for our new Music and Play classes by either clicking here or by choosing the "Music and Play Registration" dropdown in the "Student Registration" tab. 


No matter what you're registering for, you will be notified when registration officially opens and will be notified of the status of your registration. So what are you waiting for? See what all the TaVaci fuss is about and register your child TODAY! We have something for everyone as they learn to make the stage their home!

 Address // 212 North Main Street // Mt. Vernon, Ohio // 43050

Phone // (740) 398-4020

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