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What is Tavaci?

What is Tavaci?

Children are taught by qualified directors how to sing correctly, drama, music theory and performing skills.  Now here’s the sneaky part: they are also building self-esteem, using their imagination, developing talents and improving communication skills.  All while having fun!

The mission of TaVaci Inc. is to provide an educational program designed to teach the performing arts to children in a way that will help them develop invaluable life skills. We believe that the self-esteem, the creative abilities, the communication skills and the ultimate success of children will be enhanced through the study of music, drama and performance under the direction of trained and dedicated TaVaci instructors.

What is TaVaci?
How do I get involved?
Why do students love TaVaci of Mt. Vernon Ohio?
Find the answers to those questions and more in this mini documentary put together by Tavaci Alumni, Lilly Buckley (Class of 2011). 

Tuition Rates

Optional Monthly Installment Schedule...

2022-23 rates:

One Child ........................... $45(September - May)
Two Children ....................... $80 (September - May)
Each additional student ....... $35 (September - May)

Elites (High School age).......$45 (September - May)

These prices are pro-rated and are the same each month, September through May. Tuition is rated by the semester period and not rated on a monthly or on a class basis. The tuition fees pay for your child's education of the program, vocal training and drama skills.

Tuition is due by the first lesson of the month, or the 10th of the month if paying via monthly installments. Payments can be made by check, credit card, or cash in class.
We are working so that an online payment option is available on this website. Stay tuned.

A late fee of $5.00 will be charged on the 10th of each month if tuition isn't paid. This will be added to each month the account is overdue. All accounts must be current for your child to participate in the Spring and Christmas concerts. 

Other Costs

As with all groups, there is a registration fee of $25 per family, per year, due upon registering, before classes begin. This fee covers the cost of paperwork, billing, and postage involved with your account for the year. It will also include costs for two practice vocal CD's (Christmas and Spring music). 

The Concert Fee is $15 per student per concert. This allows us to offer free admission to as many friends and family as you want to invite to our concerts at the beautiful and historic Memorial Theater in Mt. Vernon!

This fee is due is due in October or March if your student needs a new costume.
Younger Boys - $45
You provide:
- White long sleeve shirt with collar,
- Black dress shoes 
- Black dress pants
Older Boys - $25 
You provide:

-white dress shirt
- Black dress pants
- Black dress shoes
Younger Girls - $70
You provide:
- White tights
- Black dress shoes
Older Girls - $92
You provide:
- Black jazz shoes
                        * costume prices are subject to change if prices rise
             *We use these costumes for as long as your child is in TaVaci. 
You only buy a costume when your girl advances to 3rd grade, or when your child outgrows the costume you currently own. You may be able to sell you used, good condition costume when it no longer fits, or swap it with someone else for a bigger size as your child grows. 

CONCERT FEE There is a $15 concert fee per student due for each concert Dec and May- We do not charge admission to our concerts and this fee helps pay for Theatre rental, backstage, tech, etc and all fees linked to putting on our concert.

Prop Fee: Occasionally your student may have a small prop fee depending on a number we may be doing in our show- We try our best to keep these fees down to a minimum but whatever we may use the student can then take home after the show - example- kazoo, gloves, crown etc

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