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Studio Policies


Attendance to every class is much appreciated! However, we do realize that conflicts arise. Please keep in mind that children perform well when they are confident about their music. We occasionally have extra practices for specialty numbers that may involve some of the students. When possible, we try to hold these practices right after regular class, or we hold them on a Saturday, letting you know the dates and times well in advance. These specialty numbers are optional, but are REALLY FUN!


We make sure our classes are very fun and interactive. To ensure that TaVaci is a good experience for everyone, students must be able to follow direction from teachers appropriate to their age group. Disruptive behavior, for any reason, takes away from the experience for the rest of the group, and continued disruptive behavior may jeopardize your child's participation in our TaVaci program.


The concert is an integral part of your child's vocal training. It's the most positive of all the music activities in improving self esteem and confidence. There will be two concerts annually (Christmas and Spring). All concerts and performances are free and open to the public. 


We hold "Pre-Dress Rehearsal Rehearsals" (Fondly referred to by our students as the "PDRR") on the Friday night before our Saturday concerts.
If your child is in a special number, they will be given a time to show up for their rehearsal. They will be given this rehearsal time in advance, and it is STRONGLY recommended that your child show up for their rehearsal and show up on time. 
The full concert dress rehearsals are held the morning of the concert, at the Memorial Theater, and are MANDATORY. You will be given advance notice of dates and times, but the dress rehearsals are closed to the public and to parents. Sorry!


Occasionally, we are invited to perform at other special events, such as the Dan Emmett Music and Arts Festival, and the Knox County Fair. Attendance for these special events is NOT mandatory, but is strongly encouraged. There is no additional charge for these performances. Rehearsal times, performance times, location and attire will be given to you and your student in advance.  


All students are required to wear their selected costume. We use these costumes as long as your child is in our program or until they outgrow them. (The only other case is when girls enter the third grade and change their costume from a dress and sash to dress pants and vest). Used costumes are available on a first come, first serve basis, Props are often used for a number or two in our concerts. There are additional fees for any props, for all students, and is usually between $1-25 dollars.

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